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Dubai Bound

Lots of exciting things happening on the home front!

I've booked my flight to Dubai!

I leave on the 14th of February for an entire week. I can't wait to see my husband! We haven't seen each other since September, ugh. Not only am I excited to just spend time with him, but to experience Dubai like I wasn't able to the first time I was there. My first trip in 2014 was super short and all business. This time around is going to be completely different!

I've got a set up finally to start vlogging. But I don't know what I'm doing, and it's all a little overwhelming. I guess I should just start practicing, right? I want to be comfortable enough to use it for the Dubai trip. Got a few weeks to get a handle on it. Woof!

I'm back to logging macros and feeling BETTER than ever! I know I loved my time with intuitive eating and everyone needs to learn how to eat without logging, but I truly do feel that logging is LESS stressful than intuitive eating. Sure, there are times when I don't log, like Holidays and events, but those are once in a blue moon. For the most part, I love knowing I'm getting enough protein, enough fiber, and not eating too much garbage. It's so easy to forget about the chocolate you had here, and the ice cream you had here, and the extra peanut butter packet when you're eating intuitively. When you're logging, and you're reviewing your day - you see it all right there in black and white. NO hiding from your food choices. I like to come from a place of nourishment, rather than restriction. So knowing that its okay to have treats daily (wine and chocolate) as long as I'm getting enough vegetables and protein in the other 80% of the time, really makes me feel GOOD. As much as I'd love to bathe in a pool of chocolate frosting like Willy Wonka, I love more the feeling of being fit and confident in my body, and tracking macros just allows that freedom.

Some people think macros are restrictive. But I think it's because they're coming from a negative headspace. They're not considering the balance and benefit that is created when giving your body exaclty what it needs. To me that celebrates our bodies, and it enhances our potential. I always say: good food = good mood!

To even better align my body with good eating, I kicked off the first Healthy Habits Challenge on the 14th. It's been SUCH a blast! The leaderboard is super motivating, and already participants are trying things they've never done - like meditation. :) I think the food list threw some people for a loop, as I asked them to cut out grains and dairy (not that there is anything WRONG with grains or dairy), but when you cut those out, people are really forced to eat more vegetables and fruit, and that is really the habit I want everyone to build over these 30 days. I want them to walk away from this eating vegetables and fruit at every meal, instead of reaching for "easy" outs like rice and oatmeal. It's great to throw pre-packaged food in the microwave, but I want people to learn where food comes from. How to prepare it themselves! That's the goal of this challenge. Let's see how everyone does over the next few weeks!

If this sounds like fun, stay tuned because I'll be kicking off another one later this spring! If developing new healthier habits isn't enough for you, winners take home a $100 Gift Card from Born Primitive!

Last but not least - the website got a big facelift.

What do you think?!

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