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Sunday Night Skincare Routine

Much like you deep clean your house, every once in a while you need to deep clean your skin.

I started this ritual 1x/week a few months ago, and I’m noticing fewer breakouts, lightened brown spots (melasma) & smoother, more glowing skin. My makeup looks a million times better, too.

I just wish I’d found out about this stuff years ago!

1. A really high quality dermaplaning tool, AKA a facial scraper. It literally scrapes off the uppermost layer of dead, dull skin & any baby hairs you might have. Think of this as a deep-exfoliation. I get this done once every few months by an esthetician, she uses a sharper tool than I do. But once a week, it keeps my skin glowing.

Warning: these are really sharp! So, take your time and don't rush!

2. A derma-roller. This is the teeniest of them, only .25mm long. Your esthetician might use longer ones depending on treatment. Have you ever seen a lawn aerator? That’s what this does, but for your face. 😆 It encourages healing by increasing blood flow & allows product to penetrate deeper than it normally would.

3. Now, we mask! Once a week you want to pull any impurities out of your pores. This charcoal mask contains salicylic & lactic acids that further exfoliate + minimize pores.

4. Now that your skin is scraped, aerated and exfoliated (all very gently!) - follow it up with a peel. I have sensitive skin, so I absolutely love this Overnight Resurfacing Peel from @beautycounter. I use it 3-4 times a week because it’s gentle enough & acts like a magic eraser.

5. Lastly, moisturize! To calm skin & allow it to heal, I use a really hydrating moisturizer from the CounterTime collection, as it supports elasticity & hydration, minimizing fine lines/wrinkles.

You can use any of these products more than once a week; I use #4 and #5 throughout the week.

Added bonus? On particularly dry areas, I'll add an additional facial oil. #1 is my favorite because it brightens and lightens (brown spots). And it smells like fresh citrus, YUM. Though I use it every night, I must add, I always finish with this under eye cream.

It feels so luxurious to be able to treat your skin to a mini-facial at home. Plus, I wake up on Monday’s feeling like a million bucks!

What are some of your favorite skincare products?

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