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Style, Delivered.

I am not like other girls. You know, the girls that actually like to shop. That love discounts, and coupons, and finding a great steal. I detest it.

I hate clothes shopping. I avoid it like the plague. Yuck. Nothing stresses me out more than a department store. The strangers. The bright lights. The music. The weird dressing room lighting. The lines at checkout. The disgruntled employees. Shuffling through racks and racks of clothing, and TRYING STUFF ON. This is legit the stuff of nightmares for me.

I do a lot of online shopping because of it. But more recently, I've fallen head over heels in love with Stitch Fix. I've talked about it before on Instagram, and have done a few story highlights, where I tried on all of the items. I haven't been disappointed yet. My stylist is the best - every box she sends gets better and better. She reads my notes, she regularly browses my Pinterest boards (which you can link for your Stylist to review), and whenever I request something specifically - like a romper with pockets - she delivers.

Clothes that fit perfectly delivered right to your door? Trying on clothing in the comfort of your home? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?

You can also select the frequency of your deliveries. I choose to get one every 3 months, with the seasons, so that I can rotate in new items with the changing weather.

Just in time for spring and warm weather, in this Fix, I received:

The worlds most adorable jumpsuit. I plan on layering it with a denim jacket and wearing it with these adorable wedges, that also came in the Fix.

Nothing says spring to me like a romper! The fabric is light, breezy and so, so soft.

I'm in love with the color of this knit top from Papermoon:

Paired with the jeans that were in this Fix from Pistola, and the espadrille wedges. See how adorable this tee is with the fun detail on the back? I love basics that have a touch of sexy.

These jeans were cropped right at the ankle, and soft and stretchy. They fit like a GLOVE. I don't like cropped jeans regularly (I have such short legs) but with the wedges, they make my legs look looooong for days.

The last piece I received was with gorgeous dolman knit top, the perfect spring transition piece.

A benefit of loving evertything in your Fix? You get 25% off the entire order! And, there is no styling fee. What's not to love?

Have you tried Stich Fix yet? What are you waiting for! Avoid the stress of shopping, and have gorgeous and tailored clothes sent right to your doorstep. Get $25 towards your first fix by following this link.

Do you love shopping?

What are you adding to your wardrobe this spring?

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