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Dirty Hair, Don't Care

So many of you following me on Instagram (@CourtneyDonmoyer) are exclaiming about my dirty hair and how it still "looks so good." Oh girl, I know. AND - in case you did not know: my fresh, clean hair actually looks TERRIBLE.

I have naturally straight, fine but THICK hair that when freshly washed doesn't have ANY volume, doesn't hold a curl, is full of insane cowlicks, doesn't stay in a braid or pony tail, and plagues me with baby hairs that fly out all in all directions. It's pretty much the absolute worst. But, I've been dealing with it the best I could: washing daily and spending hours drying and styling.

Then I discovered dry-shampoo. I know, it's 2020. I am super late to the game! But on top of dry-shampoo, I discovered a few other tricks, like texturing sprays, hair perfume, and ways to refresh even the dirtiest hair: to hold curls, braids, volume, look good up or down, survive sweaty workouts, and everything in between.

And now I'm regularly washing my hair just 1x a week - and honestly, considering pushing it even further. Because the dirtier my hair gets, the better it looks: it's shinier, it has more volume, it holds better curls, I just can't get enough.

It's hard to go back to washing - because I have to go back to unmanageable, sad hair. Hah, once you go dirty - you don't ever go back!

I'm linking all of my favorite tools here and describing my progress below!

1. On days I do wash, I use a non-toxic shampoo and conditioner, like this one here. After showering, I come in with a style extender, like this one from Living Proof. I'm still on the hunt for a safer option (this one does contain fragrance, not my favorite ingredient).

2. Once your hair starts to show oiliness (1-2 days after washing) I use this dry shampoo power, an all natural non-toxic and inexpensive option from Amazon! It comes in two colors. The application of this powder is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's great! A little goes a LONG way! I put it on before I get in the shower, give it a time to "soak" up oils, and then distribute with my fingers when I am out of the shower.

3. If I really need to "refresh" my hair or if it's sweaty from working out or damp from the shower (I just put it up in a bun), then I'll flip my hair upside down and use my fingers to blow dry and also work in the powder.

4. If hair is starting to smell dirty - I'll use this natural perfume from Pacifica, a spritz in my roots and on the ends has it smelling gorgeous again. I love Sandalwood!

5. Since the powder can be hard to get through my hair, I also use a dry shampoo spray, to tousle through the ends as needed. I love this one from Kevin Murphy, and it rates a 3 from Think Dirt (not too shabby), but I'm always on the hunt for higher performing clean products.

Rub in a little powder, sprite here and there, a few seconds of blow drying and a few swirls of my curling wand - and my hair is looking better than ever.

What a time to be alive! Seriously, how do people wash their hair every day? Who actually has time for that?

What are a few of your favorite tips and tricks for refreshing dirty hair? How many days do you go without washing?

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